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Job Details
Company Name : First Presbyterian Church
Company Location : Charleston, WV 25301
Job Position : Facilities and Maintenance Coordinator
Job Category : Jobs in West Virginia

Job Description :

First Presbyterian Church, Charleston, WV

Position Description

Church Facility and Maintenance Coordinator

Summer 2022


This full-time position is charged with providing and maintaining a safe, clean, attractive and well-maintained facility to enhance the ministry of the First Presbyterian Church of Charleston. The Facility and Maintenance Coordinator shall collaborate with church staff to prepare facilities for day-to-day events and regular maintenance. The Coordinator will work with the custodian to make sure that the buildings are clean, hygienic, safe and secure. This is imperative for the fulfillment of the church’s mission to the membership and the community.

The Coordinator shall safely perform some of the tasks/minor repairs and coordinate the internal and external resources to accomplish all others. This includes working with the Custodian and work groups as organized by the Property Committee to perform smaller tasks on their regularly scheduled workdays and contracting for other/bigger work according to First Presbyterian’s guidelines. The Coordinator will schedule and provide oversight to outside vendors and contractors performing activities on church property.

Relationships and Accountability

The Facility and Maintenance Coordinator is employed by and responsible to the Session through the Personnel Committee. The Coordinator is supervised by the Pastor/Head of Staff and is an ex-officio member of and works with the Property Committee and will attend monthly Property Committee meetings. The Coordinator shall report all situations that are unsafe or that threaten the health and safety of persons/property or grounds to the Pastor/Head of Staff. The Coordinator will also interact with all governmental agencies having jurisdiction to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations and requirements.

Major Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of the Facility and Maintenance Coordinator are described below. Some of these activities may be shared with the Custodian, workgroups as organized by the Property Committee, or other volunteer members. Other activities may be added as necessary.

  • Structural Schedule and observe the inspection and treatment for rodent, termites and ant infestations on a regular basis by a reputable contracted vendor. Schedule and observe monthly insect and rodent inspection and treatment as required by the health department.
  • Inspect skylight, roof hatches, terra-cotta accents, roof membranes, parapet caps, ledges, clay tiles, cupola and dome, quarterly.
  • Re-seal limestone faces of walls above parapet ledges on a regular schedule of 3-5 years depending on exposure and leakage. (Last treated and sealed June 2020)
  • Inspect roof drains, gutters and downspouts on both buildings

monthly. Clean as necessary.

  • Inspect structure and look for water infiltration inside done, cupola (Lantern), ceiling arches, and Virginia Street porch roof annually.
  • Contract to have stained glass windows and exterior covers inspected every 3-5 years. Have repaired as necessary by stained glass company. (Last repaired in 2022)
  • Inspect building foundations, crawl spaces, pipe chases and duct chases annually.
  • Inspect exterior door hardware monthly and interior door hardware quarterly. Repair or replace as necessary.
  • Interior Inspect all door closers in summer and winter. Adjust closers for temperature changes as necessary.
  • Inspect all stair railing, treads and edges each week when doing cleaning. Make necessary repairs.
  • Perform plaster repairs and painting throughout facilities as necessary on a regular schedule.
  • Sweep gym and skating rink hardwood floors after each use using sweeping compound.
  • Inspect annually and contract for refinishing of gym and skating rink hardwood floors as necessary.
  • Schedule and observe Education Building and Activities Building Elevator inspections annually.
  • Inspect and clean restroom fixtures, tile walls behind and floors below toilets, kitchenettes, locker rooms and showers weekly.
  • When performing regular daily cleaning observe ceilings for broken or stained tiles and replace tiles as necessary.
  • Maintain clean elevator equipment rooms per the Elevator Code and the West Virginia State Fire Marshall requirements.
  • Inspect all fire extinguishers, first aid kits, AEDs, wheelchair lifts and wheelchairs monthly to ensure they are properly working and replace any outdated/expired items.
  • Exterior Ensure the exterior grounds (including walks, steps, drives, parking areas, lawn and landscape) are safe, neat and attractive. * Frequently inspect the children’s play area to ensure it is safe, secure and attractive.
  • Inspect and repair joint sealants on exterior steps, around doors, around windows, in sidewalks and along building perimeter base annually. Rake out and replace with new sealant as necessary.
  • During winter, clear snow and ice from all sidewalks, steps, porches and pathways. Use appropriate snow and ice melting granules. (DO NOT USE SALT) Salt will destroy the limestone and marble steps. As necessary, work with snow removal contractor to timely remove snow from parking lot prior to church activities.
  • Maintain exterior lawns and plantings with regularly scheduled mowing and trimming. Keep all exterior mulch and cuttings away from the walls of the building using gravel or some other shielding to prevent termite and ant infestations.
  • Inspect the three parking lots and signage daily and remove any debris. Perform sealing and restriping as necessary to maintain the integrity of the pavement.
  • Maintain the area inside the cooling tower and air-cooled condensing unit fencing. Keep them free of all loose debris, leaves, weeds, paper and plastic bags so nothing can be drawn up into the equipment and block air flow.
  • Erect and maintain exterior signs, directional signs, banners, etc.
  • Mechanical/HVAC Inspect weekly and perform routine maintenance on HVAC Central plan equipment as necessary.
  • Inspect all heat pump units and central air units quarterly. Clean, lubricate and change filters on a scheduled basis. Assure any non-working equipment is repaired.
  • Inspect kitchen hood, fire suppression, ductwork and exhaust fan annually. Clean hood, ductwork and exhaust fan annually.
  • Clean clothes dryer vent duct annually.
  • Flush boiler room turbo filter until water runs clear once per week. Refill water loop until pressure is up to 40 psi.
  • Coordinate water loop and cooling tower water treatment with Artesian Process Chemicals Group (Mr. Bill Bradford 304-343-4763) once a month.
  • Once a week in cooling season, turn off cooling tower and inspect chlorine table dispenser inside the cooling tower sump via end door. Fill dispenser with chlorine tablets. Reinstall door and restart tower. (Do not throw chlorine tablets into top of the cooling tower.) Verify top of tower does not have any debris in it.
  • At the end of cooling season (Fall), drain cooling tower and winterize with the aid of Nitro Construction Services. Drain spray pump piping and spray WD-40 into the pump hosing.
  • Exercise the cooling tower spray pump, fans and damper motor once a month during the winter months to prevent the spray pump and damper motors from locking up due to lack of use.
  • Maintain cooling tower water dissolved solid content at acceptable levels via the conductivity measurement / purge system.
  • Inspect and prep boilers and hot water pumps for the heating season with the aid of Nitro Construction Services. It is recommended that this be performed in early Fall before heating is needed.
  • Inspect monthly and grease all pumps and fan bearings as necessary.
  • Plumbing Inspect plumbing fixtures, faucets and flush valves monthly and perform routine maintenance as necessary. * Clean all faucet aerators annually.
  • Clean electric water cooler drains, traps and spouts monthly to prevent cold-water scum buildup. Adjust water pressures as necessary.
  • Check all toilet and urinal flush valves, sink faucets and pop-up drains for leaks and proper pressure each time the restrooms are cleaned and repair as necessary.
  • Inspect all kitchen, laundry and dishwashing area equipment quarterly and accompany health inspectors during all inspections.
  • Inspect kitchen and dishwashing area grease traps (2) quarterly and establish a schedule for grease removal and cleaning. Inspect and replace cover gaskets and bolts as necessary.
  • Watch for gas, water and sewer leaks, and wet or stained ceiling tiles on a daily basis when performing routine maintenance. Repair leaks as necessary.
  • Inspect and test the operation of all water heaters annually.
  • Electrical Inspect all electric panels and switchgear and exercise all circuit breakers in both buildings annually. Contract for an electrical contractor to perform an infrared scan of all switchgear and panelboards every 5 to 10 years.
  • Test all GFCI receptacles and/or GFCI circuit breakers monthly. Replace any standard receptacles within 6 feet of a water source with GFCI receptacles.
  • Annually check that all electric receptacles in area occupied by children are tamper proof.
  • Test Fire Alarm System and perform fire drills with pre-school as required by West Virginia State Fire Marshal and other authorities.
  • Inspect all EXIT signs and emergency lighting units to include elevators and sanctuary annually. Test for proper operation monthly. Repair any deficiencies immediately.
  • Check all exterior lighting monthly. Replace burned out lamps and repair any fixture components as necessary. Confirm all lighting controls to include timers and photocells are functioning properly.
  • Check all exterior electrical equipment disconnect switches, control cabinets and fuses annually and remove any wasp or hornet’s nests within the switches. Remove any debris within the switches or cabinets and confirm drain holes are open.
  • Replace any damaged light fixtures, motors, receptacles, switches or plates upon discovery.
  • Ensure security system is working properly. Inspect monthly and verify all devices and cameras are working properly.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $18.00 per hour


  • Health insurance
  • Parental leave
  • Retirement plan


  • 8 hour shift

COVID-19 considerations:
All employees required to be vaccinated.


  • High school or equivalent (Preferred)


  • Supervising Experience: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Maintenance: 2 years (Preferred)

Work Location: One location

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